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March 31, 2023

As cars were created to be secured from the outside by security features like steering wheel locks, door locks, immobilizers, and anti-tampering software, automotive hacking has become increasingly challenging. These security measures were put in place to deter auto thieves and stop owners from having unauthorized access to the electronic systems of their vehicles. Few people were able to research and learn about these safety measures because it was challenging to experiment with real vehicles.

The rise of automotive hacking is due to the increasing connectivity and complexity of modern vehicles. Cars and other vehicles are now equipped with a range of electronic systems, including infotainment systems, navigation systems, and even self-driving features. These systems are designed to make driving more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable, but they also create new vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

Some of the key factors contributing to the rise of automotive hacking include:

  1. Increasing connectivity: Modern vehicles are increasingly connected to the internet and other devices, making them vulnerable to attacks through wireless networks and other communication channels.
  2. Complexity of electronic systems: The electronic systems in modern vehicles are becoming more complex and integrated, making it more challenging to identify and address security vulnerabilities.
  3. Lack of standardization: There is currently no standardization across the automotive industry for security protocols, leaving many vehicles vulnerable to attacks.
  4. High value targets: Cars and other vehicles are valuable assets, and hacking them can lead to financial gain for attackers through theft, ransomware, or other means.

How Hackers Gain access to Your Vehicle

Mobile Device Access
Hackers might be able to access any devices you’ve synchronized with your car if it’s connected to the internet. Your bank information, credit card information, driving records, and passwords are just a few examples of the information that could be compromised in a cyber assault. Another possible entry point for hackers attempting to steal personal data is connected car apps. Rental car companies have occasionally accessed customers’ sensitive information without authorization. Such a leak has the potential to become a severe problem very rapidly.

Compulsory acceleration
A hacker can operate the accelerator, the brakes, and other driving operations by remotely accessing the car’s computer system. This pushes the vehicle to either accelerate quickly or stop altogether.

Your USB Port Being Hacked
Vehicles are notorious targets for cyberattacks, especially when connected to other vehicles and equipped with USB data ports. Several studies have demonstrated that modern vehicles’ infotainment systems and other inputs, especially those with USB connections, are vulnerable to hacking. Hackers frequently use social engineering strategies to access a car’s system via a USB device.

Range Extending Key Fob
A hacker can make the car open or close on its own by gaining access to the key fob for the vehicle. A hacker can also make the ignition turn off by leaving the car running while the key fob is outside.

Ways to Prevent Such Attacks

  • Restricted access

By creating password-protected accounts, you may restrict who has access to the data about your car. By limiting access to individuals with authorized accounts, this will assist prevent unauthorized login attempts.

  • Detect and stop unauthorized communications

The initial phase of a cyber assault frequently involves sending data packets and harmful malware to a vehicle. It is advised to have a firewall integrated within the car to stop hackers from accessing the internal network. Vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication will be limited to authorized parties by an effective firewall (vehicle-to-everything).

  • Maintain System Updates

In order to get the most recent bug patches, it’s critical to maintain the software on your car updated. These important upgrades include security patches for the systems of the car’s known vulnerabilities. It is advisable to pay close attention to any cyber security upgrades from your car maker because vulnerabilities emerge as a result of discoveries and updates.

  • Use third-party software with caution

Your car could be harmed if third-party software and programs are installed on it. Use only software that has been approved by the automaker when customizing your vehicle.



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